Brand Your Website – Flame Lily Sound Therapy

I was delighted when Claire approached me with a view to branding her New Sound Therapy Business. I’ve attended sound therapy sessions and Gong Baths in the past, so I understand the true ‘resonance’ that this therapy can have with both your mental and physical state.

I knew Claire wanted a brand with real impact. I took inspiration from the colours of the Flame Lily flower, native to Claire’s home in Zimbabwe and because the undulating shape of its petals were illustrative of the form of sound waves, it seemed natural to play on their form to create a fluid and flowing logo. There are also other hidden secrets within the design that only Claire and I know…another reason why the design was so original and completely bespoke to her.

Once I had created her logo and brand, I designed the look and feel of her website, curating images, colour and type choices and then passed the visuals to the incredibly talented Dave Parker of Websites by Dave Parker. Dave took my visuals and built Claire’s website to her specifications. He offered her advice on functionality and payment systems and because he hosts all the websites himself, he can offer year-round customer service too. You can view the finished website here at

Here’s what Claire said:

“Dear Mary & Dave,
You two have exceeded my expectations and created a truly fantastic product. I am so thrilled.
As this project comes to life more and more and it becomes even more tangible, I am filled will eager anticipation. This is going to be amazing! It already is…”

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